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Pirkanmaan löytötavaratoimisto

Lost Property Office of Pirkanmaa


Pirkanmaan löytötavaratoimisto is a lost property office located in Tampere. We work in close co-operation with the police, serving people and businesses in the Pirkanmaa region. We operate on the permission of the Regional State Administrative Agency and our operations are based on the Lost Property Law and Regulations. We serve our customers in Finnish, Swedish and English. Our goal and duty is to find the right owner for every item delivered to our office!

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When lost properties are found, they arrive to our office within a few days. You can make an inquiry concerning your lost property by calling 0600 300 758 or visiting our office. Even if we do not possess the item you have lost, we can advise you in all situations related to lost items and possibly point out where else to look for.


Claiming Your Lost Property

You can claim your lost property by describing your lost item accurately. We charge a small legitimate custodial fee based on regulations of lost property. Every week we receive a large amount of lost items from the Pirkanmaa region. We will store all the lost items, regardless of their value, for a full three months. If you can not pick up your property from our office, we can ship it to you.



If the item contains the owner's contact information, we will notify you immediately of it. We will also try to reach the right owner if possible - we can get assistance from the police department if needed. Please note that we receive a huge amount of lost items every month for which it is impossible to find owner information. Remember, therefore, inquire about your keys, your gloves, your eyeglasses and your jewelery!


  • Toimisto suljettu itsenäisyyspäivänä!

    Wednesday, 06 December 2017

    Toimistomme on suljettu itsenäisyyspäivänä 6.12.2017. Keskiviikon bussihakukierros siirtyy torstaiaamulle.

    Onnea 100-vuotias Suomi!

  • Uusia yhteistyökumppaneita!

    Thursday, 02 November 2017

    Uusia yhteistyökumppaneitamme ovat Kuivaamo, Dream Hostel & Hotel, Liuttu Logistics ja Ruby & Fellas. Jatkossa voitte kysellä näihin paikkoihin hukkaamianne tavaroita meiltä.




See Them All

We collect lost properties from our partners on weekly basis. This way we can gather them into one location so it is much easier for a customer to inquire his own property.


We take care of all the things related to lost and found properties and you can concentrate on what is important to you. Pick up schedules and all the other details can be agreed on case by case! Contact us!

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We take care of all the things related to lost property and you will have all the time to do what is important to you. Schedules and other details can be arranged case by case!


After three months of storage some of the lost items are donated to charity or sold. There is a small shop in our office where you can find products from phones to gloves and bags to shirts. All really affordable.

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