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to 5.12.2019

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ke 1.1.2020

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Monday-Friday 08:00-18:00

2,18 €/min + lnc

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Saturday 24h

3,34 €/min + lnc

Sunday 24h

3,85 €/min + lnc

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Frequently Asked Questions


According the lost property law all the items will be stored three (3) months from the date they have arrived to our office. We will keep all the lost items for a full three months regardless of their value, so you can also inquire your lost property valued under 20 €. Only the perishable foods and the like are what we can not unfortunately be able to preserve. But for example, dry products, sweets and the like can be inquired normally for the three months.

Yes. A legitimate fee for holding is charged. It includes the costs incurred for example in collecting. There is no fixed prices for lost property because the amount of the charge depends on the item you have lost. However, we follow the authority's instructions on lost property fees, so it is worth to inquire your lost property  - the fee is not so high that you should leave your property to us.

Sure! We can send lost items to you - even if you live abroad. The price of the package is the keeping fee of the lost item + postal surcharge of € 6 + charges for sending the item by mail. Usually we send items by using a cash on delivery.

In our office, there is a small store with a lot of unclaimed items for sale, including jackets, bags, accessories, sunglasses, leather gloves, jewelery and electronics. Some of the unclaimed items will be donated and aided to those who need help, located mainly in the Pirkanmaa region. All items are properly dealt with; for example items containing personal information will be destroyed, the medicines will be delivered to the pharmacies and the keys will be melted.

Yes. For example, items lost in restaurants, shopping malls, hotel rooms or buses will return at a very high rate. Every month we receive a huge amount of keys as well as eye- and sunglasses and jewelery. Those items rarely contain any information about their owner so please don't forget to inquire afterwards! Valuable items as well as mobile phones, wallets and electronics also return to lost property offices quite well in Pirkanmaa region. Most of the items are recorded on our system, so they can be found easily even if a loss happened a fairly long time ago.

The items are stored so that they cannot be seen by visiting our office. When claiming an item it must be described first. The items will be handed out only if ownership can be assured. For example the person must be able to unlock the phone he/she described or he/she has to have the imei code of the device. The keys, in turn, are compared to another similar copy. Of course if agreed separately, someone else (like your friend or a family member) can visit us and claim your lost property for you.

In most cases answer is no. We are very busy with our everyday work at the office. In order to share information, for example about exceptional opening hours, new arrivals of lost items or new partners, we created a Facebook Page for our company. Please like our page and stay in touch with latest news.

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